lundi 13 août 2007

Purple Rain

I luv handknit socks, and I luv even more receiving them! My pal Meegiemoo from the "Fax" knit me Hedera in Lorna's Laces - Purple Club (purple is my favorite color, I adore my purple socks) . This kal was so fun and I'll be there for Socka 5.

Oh, and she sent me a skein of a 80% Merino-20% Nylon of Mama C Eye Fiber, a blend of purple ( yeeeppee! ) and other goodies. Thank you verrryy much !! Heres some pics and I dont need to say that they fit me like perfection. I stored them in my sock drawer and Im waiting for fall to put them on.
Im reading the whole serie of HarryPOtter ( in french ) before reading the last one. Yesterday, I was looking for pictures of the movie and I end up on Wikipedia and saw a family tree of the Black's, the Weasley's and the Potter's...
and underneath the Harry POtter name , there was something... I was like OMG F****ing internet!!!! It spoiled me! I wasnt supposed to see that ! Damn it.

On the pic: 31st Chapter called B.U.S.E from Order of the Phoenix. Lovely purple socks. And a purple cover. I like purple.

ShePurls is doing weekly update of her WIP. I think Ill make one too.

1. Small Capital socks. Yarn : Meilenweit Tweed, colorway Natural. Purchased at Knot Another Hat. Pattern: Small Capital in SKS. Woa, my socks are like the same color of the pattern in the books. Except mine has bits of colors in it, hehe. (tweed!)

2. RPM socks. Yarn : STR, colorway G-Rocks. Pattern RPM on Knitty. Im not in love of the pattern, maybe will frog that. & the new Ikea catalog :-)

3. Lattice Cami. Yarn : Plymooth Royal Bamboo, colorway #02. I didnt knit this project for quite a month now. I only knit 20% of it. And summer is almost finished :-(

My socka pal should have receive her socks now. Im curious how she likes them...